Meet our Earth Rangers Clubs Superstars from

Mc Givney Eco Knights, Brampton, ON

“All classes in the school took part in the recycling challenge. Use of paper towels was very high, especially on pizza days. Each Pizza day, students brought in a plastic plate to decrease some paper towel use. Classes were tracked on their recycling bin status and the top three classes at the end of the month would receive a golden, silver or bronze R trophy.”

Congratulations on your hard work!

More Wall of Fame Club

Eco Lady’s Sidekicks, Sir Samuel Steele School, Whitby, ON

This club has been busy! They have accomplished 5 missions including Rubbish Round Up and Swap Superstar. “We had each class...

Front of Yonge Elementary School, Mallorytown, ON

“We decorated bins to collect the cartons, students went class-to-class to demonstrate how to rinse and recycle the cartons,...