Step 2 – Do we REALLY need to throw that out?

As a country, we throw out more than $31 billion worth of food each year! From the resources to grow it, ship it, and produce it, to the greenhouse gasses released when it breaks down in landfills, food waste is a major problem. Fortunately, with some planning, we can really cut back on the amount of food we waste.

Your Mission: Reduce food waste!

Food waste is an unfortunate reality in today’s world for many different reasons. To successfully complete this step, cut down on the food that ends up in the trash by doing one of the following activities:

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Step 2 Activities

Cut back on food waste by holding a club waste-less lunch!

Using kitchen scraps to start growing a garden!

Choose your own activity that curbs food waste

It takes a lot of energy to get food from the farm to our plates: electricity on the farm, fuel to transport food to the store, and electricity at the store to keep food fresh. All of this is wasted when perfectly good food is thrown away As well, food in landfills produce greenhouse gases that are released into the environment (composted food is exposed to more oxygen so this isn’t a problem). Animals like seagulls and bears are attracted to the food, and they can get sick from eating rotten food or hurt themselves by accidentally eating hazardous materials.

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